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 Metahuman Overview

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PostSubject: Metahuman Overview   Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:39 pm

The Meta Gene

Metahumans are humans that have gained supernatural or superhuman abilities through other means not entirely classified as magic or science. Otherwise known as super-humans or just supers. Ranging from the activation of inherent genetic abilities within a human by way of the meta-gene to exposure to radiation in an incredibly specific non-lethal power-bestowing way. There are three distinguished types of Meta Classification below.

The Government has established the understanding on where the source of how these individuals became Meta. There are three to choose below.

The first type of Metahuman is known as a Heredity and encompass those who have their abilities or powers within their genetics themselves. This usually takes the form of some kind of specialized physiology or abilities locked within the DNA of the character that is released by some form of stress or situational factor or an inborn trait that is condition to suit the environment they dwell upon. These abilities can range from the mundane powers that are considered "nuisance level" to the likes of Super Speed/Strength/Durability and or extending through energy projection or psychic powers. Metahumans of this category use their bodies as a medium for their powers or their body is the subject of their physiology classifies them Meta.
[ Open to all listed races. ]

The second type of Metahuman that gained their abilities gained from an external source such as non-lethal radiation or chemical exposure or a serum that alters the physiology. The external changes to the human usually is accompanied by a physical change in the body, sometimes as mundane as the appearance, sometimes as serious as a full body transformation to manifest the new found powers of the human in question. These abilities range from transforming into a new shape or form, or being able to manifest some kind of ability from situations or conditions rather than simply of their own volition or body and finally either just a physiological enhancement.
[ Restricted to Human race only. ]

The third type of Metahuman is not found in the biology or genetics nor is it a factor that affects change in physiology based on genes. Instead the change is from an outside source that bestows powers to that of a metahuman on the individual that acts not only as their source of power but a catalyst as well for that power.
[ Restricted to Human race only. ]

There are a few of races to choose from in this universe, however, the government will always attempt to identify the natural race of these metas to better understand their powers and have so far found these.
[ As mentioned above only the Human race may branch out for now. ]

    Human : Mortals; all that humans are often defined as imperfects but where they lack in physiology their intelligence and adaptation to survive has always been very resourceful. Some become vigilant and capable of tackling down great obstacles while others find other ways to outfox such obstacles. They are plentiful in what they stand for and often are overlooked.
  • [ If paired with Heredity : Gains 2 Techniques. ]
  • [ If paired with Extrinsic : Gains 3 Techniques. ]
  • [ If paired with Catalyst : Gains 1 Techniques ]

    Atlantean : Once the top peak of civilization of humans, now under the sea; they were once human in regards to their physiology but as time went on they adapted to their environment and are capable of breathing underwater, obtaining a physical conditioning to meet great pressure of their underwater kingdom while granting them skin thick as a rhino and being able to go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian’s strength of rank two, and finally being able to resist common deadly poisons thanks to the boundless of poisonous fish such as jellyfish.

    Amazon : Giving up on Man’s world, these warriors of women have abandoned the world for centuries until recently due to odd disturbances that is affecting Man’s world today. Before this change in their behavior, the Amazons have infrequently invaded ships coming near their island and forced themselves on the sailors, before killing them. After nine months, the birth of the resulting female children was highly celebrated and they were inducted into the ranks of the Amazons while the male children were rejected. In order to save the male children from being drowned to death by the Amazons, Hephaestus traded weapons to the Amazons in exchange for them. Aside magical arsenal of weapons and artifacts, they are known to be blessed with immortality and appear in youth and beauty but may still die in combat or of their own actions. Their gifts as well entails superhuman strength to rival atlantans and are very combat oriented.

    Kryptonian : Quite the fearsome race of the universe; to the point of being feared by most or many because of their potential to become the embodiment of a living weapon against all life on Earth and possibly the universe thanks to Noah’s exaggeration and paranoia inflicted to the masses not to trust them. They are gifted powers of that of super strength, high durability, flight, heat vision, super breath, and much more, however, they are only limited to how far they can push themselves and start from their beginning of getting accustom to their powers.  
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Metahuman Overview
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