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 Tech Overview

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PostSubject: Tech Overview   Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:01 pm


Otherwise dubbed as Tech, the branch of powers and abilities that are based upon technological equipment or upgrades that allow for superhuman feats from those without superhuman powers inherent to the body or of drawing energy from another source. Tech is broken up into several categories of variants that are the determining factor for medium and mode of use for the tech of the character in question.

The incredible scope of technology comes within Variants of the application of the tool of science and technology.

This governs the act of using technology as a race. The installation of machines, mechanics, and more as enhancements or components to the physical make-up of the character. The range of biology to mechanical can exist on virtually any level and this type is highly individualized. The effects of these technological factors can be just as varied. However, those of the Technological Physiology are only capable of taking passive abilities as techniques with a built in limited number of uses, if applicable, that is in line with the Skill types.

Covering the act and skill of making and using technological weapons, armor, vehicles, items, etc. This is a focus on the creation and mechanical side of Tech and offers for complex constructs and general ability to craft or access any form within this ability type. This ability type covers the manufacturing and deployment of poisons, chemicals, and biological weapons and the methods for their use. Power-Armor, or Mech-Suits are also available for users of this ability type.

The ability for humans to design, create, and improve upon artificial intelligence or complicated machines capable of serving autonomous purposes written into their directives by these characters. Through repeated upgrades and mass production, Robotics characters are among some of the most broad in potential for scale.

The ability for characters to create and/or manipulate chemical compounds and mixtures to utilize them for the improvement of themselves or others, as well as the harm of others in some arenas that are seldom, if ever, reached by other forms of abilities such as the realms of radiation and specialize in long-term biological effects.

The non-human and non-earthly element of Technology that comes special to some characters of varying races or conditions among other ability types.This includes but isn't limited to, Atlantean, Amazon, and Kryptonian. There are sometimes also a form of weapons or equipment associated with non-technological ability types.
[ This Tech is restricted only to the following races as of now and is subjective to change later on: Atlantean, Amazon, and Kryptonian. ]

The ability types of Variants for Tech are divided into sub-categories which determine the school or focus of the ability itself to be chosen alongside the general type.


    Augmented : This type of character is a human that has been empowered by subtle or physically enhancing abilities or attributes. The range of enhancements can vary any kind of personal enhancement, but the parameter of Augmentation is the focus on enhancing the attributes that are already within the body, or adding superhuman elements to the already present physiology with technology.
  • Augmented characters begin with 4 Implants as Skills and 1 Passive Ability.

    Cyborg : This type of character is a complete blend of organic of mechanical life. Capable of augmenting entire body parts or biological functions, as well as installing components or functions to allow their body additional functions or capabilities.
  • Cyborg characters begin with 3 Skills in the form of two prosthetic body parts and one physical or physiological upgrade as well as 1 Passive ability through a physical or physiological upgrade.

    Android:  This type of character is made up of only the vital bits of life and encased or built into a mechanical physical form. The only remnants of the controlling life would likely be in the form of a brain, nervous system, and or heart. This allows a character the full range of capabilities toward shaping and constructing their body as well as the ability to build capabilities and functions into their body with few restrictions while maintaining an organically sentient element or control.
  • Android characters begin with 3 Skills that upgrade or replace the character's body parts or physiology and 1 Passive ability that connects the character's organic and synthetic elements.

    Robot : This type of character is 100% synthetic and is capable of taking nearly any kind of form with nearly any kind of capability or attribute built in within the parameters of the technology. These characters are required to maintain an Artificial Intelligence system internally as their passive ability.
  • Additionally, Robots begin 2 Skills in the form of capabilities, characteristics, weapons, or armor the character is capable of.

    Mechanic : This type of character is capable of making equipment of all kinds like weapons, body suits, tools, and even large scale constructs, and vehicles. The use of tech in the creation of any object this character creates is only limited to the banned forms of manipulation on the form and limited by the parameters of available technology and may not be used, in this form, to upgrade the body directly as in the forms of Tech-Physiology.
  • Mechanics begin with 5 Skills in the form of created equipment and no passive ability.

    Armorer : This type of character has a form of specialized armor or mechanical suits that are modified and capable of technological options in the form of technological skills. The Armor crafted can range from being a physically enhancing suit, to being a wearable armor that grants abilities or functions to the character inside, as well as any other form of physically empowering external technology.
  • Armorer characters begin with 3 Skills in the form of technological enhancements to their Armor and a passive ability that governs their Armor's base capabilities and functions.

    Minions : This type of character has specialized in the Artificial Intelligence branch of robotics and engineering and is capable of making robots with their own passive ability in the form of the parameters of their A.I. Depending on the level category of the Skill used to create these A.I. machines, they may have increasing complicated intelligence, and capabilities within whatever physical form they take and may be further upgraded through the use of more Skills, though these robots usually come with a weakness of drain on power in ratio to complexity.
  • Minion Robotics characters begin with 3 Skills in the form of 2 created A.I. machines and 1 upgrade to a created machine as well as 1 passive ability to be shared across all machines as a signature effect or skill.

    Drones : This type of character specialize in robots designed for specific purposes or to be used in mass or tool scales. This form of robotics covers the creation of large-scale vehicles and machines of war as well as autonomous functioning machines with simple, but variable directives. Drones may be utilized in large or personal scale and can be made in essentially any form but may not be upgraded after creation. 
  • Drone type characters begin with 4 Skills in the form of 4 Drones.

    Alteration Chemicals : This type of character specialized in the creation and utilization of chemical compounds to induce physical or mental effects on the character. The effects of these compounds may have effects that range in form to those similar to the Augmented type of Tech-ability and may range into mimicking the effects of passive abilities. However, capabilities and attributes gained through this ability type are not permanent and typically increase in physical cost as they increase in potency of enhancement capability.
  • Alteration Chemists begin with 3 Skills in the form of chemical mixtures that they may use or use on others and one passive ability to apply to the character after taking chemicals of this ability type.

    Chemical Warfare : This type of character specializes in the creation and utilization of Chemistry in a way to effect, change, and/or damage the biology of others. These characters are capable of synthesizing compounds, poisons, and stimulants in solid, liquid, and gas form. As well as device devices and means of deploying and controlling their mixtures and effects. Chemical Warfare also covers the use of radioactive technology, and weapons as well as chemicals that are capable of dealing damage of full-scale health of others and the makers themselves.
  • Chemical Warfare characters begin with 1 Skill in the form of a chemical or biological weapon and no passive abilities.
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Tech Overview
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