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 The Amazons

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The Amazons

The Beginning
Circa 1200 B.C., the Amazonian were created by a cabal of female Gods of Olympus to teach humanity in the ways of righteousness and equality of the sexes. The five Olympian goddesses known to have created them are Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite. They are responsible and are the key to their origin and abilities having been brought to life from the souls of women whose lives had been cut short by the ignorance of men, the Amazons created a city-state in Greece called Themyscira. Two Amazons were dubbed sister-queens: Hippolyta and Antiope; and they were given the magic Girdles of Gaea as symbols of the trust the goddesses had placed in them to teach the merits of virtue, love, and equality to the men of "Patriarch’s World”.

For the while the Amazon’s were doing as told, however, this was affecting Ares, the God of War, a chief opponent of the Amazons, manipulated his half brother Heracles to gather forces and attack Themyscira. Heracles firstly seduced her but then savaged and ravaged Hippolyta, and his forces succeeded in ransacking Themyscira and enslaving the Amazons. Through self strength, strength from Athena, and savage cunning, the Amazons freed themselves, slaughtering most of their captors. Soon after, Antiope led a force of Amazons off into Greece, seeking vengeance on Heracles. As decreed by the goddesses, Hippolyta led the remaining Amazons to a remote island, where as penance for their failures as teachers they instead became guardians of Doom’s Doorway, preventing the escape of the monsters beneath and to never bare arms in such manner ever again and for ‘assisting’ the Amazons in their liberation against Hercules. This resulting in having to destroy most of their armories and weaponry. Following their commands the Amazon began by renaming this island paradise "Themyscira" after their fallen capital, the Amazons began their new lives, erecting buildings and monuments, perfecting their skills as artisans and warriors. However, those who followed Antiope lost their immortality and some blessings from the goddesses and instead depended heavily on their remaining magical relics for they decided to pursue Hercules.

For centuries the Amazons lived in a perfect state of harmony with their surroundings on the island. They knew no racism, although many treat the Lost Tribe of Amazons (Once led by Antiope) as little more than savages. They do not think in terms of male gender and they live in a world where homosexuality is completely accepted -- while some Amazons are celibate, others have loving partners. The live in a city composed entirely of Greco-Roman architecture from 1200 BC. They wear Greek garb, togas and sandals, and the appropriate warrior clothing -- shields, breastplates, helmets. They all wear the Bracelets of Submission as a constant reminder of their past failures, however, only are a pair worn by those who followed Hippolyta  and still blessed are of almost indestructible steel cuffs. They are fervently religious, worshipping their gods as living deities. Artemis is their primary goddess, and they worship her with a sacrifice of a deer. The Amazons celebrate their creation each year in a Feast of Five, remembering the goddesses who brought them to life.

The New World
Not too long ago the Girdle of Gaea was stolen in Themyscira along with the murder of Hippolyta. It is unknown as to who or why this happened to their queen let alone the artifact being stolen. There were traces of old magic that were akin to the past of Amazon weaponry and this lead to the conclusion at the hands of the descendants of Antiope and her tribe dubbed The Lost Tribe but known as mercenaries of Bana-Mighdall. The Amazons even conducted their own tour of the new world, appearing on the shores of the United States where they were framed for the murders of several people by Antiope’s descendants, the mercenary assassins of Bana-Mighdall, and Circe.

It was during the War of the Gods that all the Amazonian restocked and crafted their armory, vowing to once again become warriors. Circe would transplant many of these mercenary women of Bana-Migdhall, to Themyscira, where, after warring with the Amazons already there, they joined forces to stop Circe herself from destroying the Amazons entirely and the Gods when they were betrayed by Circe. They succeeded in a heavy war with Circe and to their surprise the Gods themselves appeared and condoned Circe to be imprisoned for eternity on Themyscira. Despite the participation of the Bana-Mighdall they were never given back their immortality but were spared by the Gods as they returned to their realm for doing the right thing and being misguided by Circe. The two sects of Amazons forged an uneasy truce, living at opposite ends of the island in hopes of finding the missing girdle. The Girdle of Gaea has not been found and to this day remains a mystery to its whereabouts, as new information arose that Circe took advantage of the situation presented to her by an unknown informant who came from this “New World”. Curious to this discovery the Amazons are now more wary of what’s to come of this new era and have decided to send only their most skilled warriors to scout, investigate, and infiltrate the New World in search of the one responsible for the terrible war and retrieve the girdle which is revealed to hold a sacred power…

The body of these warriors embarks magic from the Gods and are given the most beautiful features that mortals desire, however, these blessings only occur in the women and when passed down only the women whom remained since thousands of years inherent such prowess.

    Strength : A warrior’s test of might, the Amazon’s are known to be quite fierce when building up their strength. However, very few are able to maximize their strength to rival that of the legend Hercules or go far beyond to that limitation.
  • Rank 1 : Amazon’s strength is that of a mortal’s man. They are undoubtedly stronger than a human in terms of brute strength, however, their limit is of that and are only capable of high mortal feats; such as being able to compete with the world’s strongest man. However, at their maximum effort they can lift things up to 1,300 lb. (600 kilos).
  • Rank 2 : Breaking the shackles of human strength, these Amazons have gone into the realm of the legendary Hercules or more so than they are lead to believe. Unlocking their bestowed gift from the goddesses granted their maximum effort to being able to lift up to 40,000 lb. (18,000 kilos).
  • Rank 3 : Achieving the final limitation of their bestowed gift, these Amazonian are extremely rare and are said to rival the natural strength of some Gods such as Ares the God of War. They are considered masters of such strength among their own, being able to lift up to 360,000 lb. (164,000 kilos).
    Durability : A warrior’s test of endurance the Amazon’s are known to kill or be killed in their lifetime and often prepare for such in the times of war. However, only few are able to tap into their gift.
  • Rank 1 : Much like humans, the Amazons are fragile in terms of being impaled, a cut in the right place could mean death, or fire can burn them. They are however, more resilient to blunt trauma than humans are.
  • Rank 2 : Tapping into their gift, these Amazons have triggered a divinity empowerment throughout their entire physiology. This effect grants the Amazons the protection of their divine pantheon that renders the power put forth of basic-type techniques seem as simple strikes against them and against the power of advanced-type techniques the damage is reduced by nearly a third.
  • Rank 3 : Being recognized and granted the fullest protections and empowerment from their pantheon's divinity this represents the pinnacle of Amazon physiology. This effectively grants them the ability to nullify damage up to that of the basic-type of technique in power as well as halve the damage from techniques of the advanced-type of techniques. Even capable of reducing the damage they suffer from Heavy-type techniques by nearly a third.
    Agility : A warrior’s test of being physically cunning, mobile, and reactive to what’s around her. These are a series of tests that affect how an Amazon reacts and moves around in the field of battle.
  • Rank 1 : There isn’t anything special, but the Amazon isn’t docile to her surroundings either. Her reaction is that of a Human, including her thought speed, jump, and overall reflexes.
  • Rank 2 : Unlocking their bestowed gift found within their mind and body, they become sharper than a Human capable of picking up patterns, being able to react to projectiles and sudden dangers by the skin of one’s teeth, and leap great distances as wide at fifty feet and enough to reach medium sized rooftop buildings.
  • Rank 3 : Through intense mental and physical dedication, an Amazon mastering their gift in agility grants them the pinnacle of blessings as having the ability of flight to soar about the sky at over 200 knots is obtained while it also sharpens their physical and mental reflexes enough to stop bullets going 200mph with their bracelets.

There are two types of Amazons. One gifted by the Gods while the other no longer gifted but still retaining traits of such gifts that was once theirs.

Availability : 0 / 3
Amazonian that have either been there since the beginning of their creation or are the female offspring of those still blessed; like those before them they are able to harvest their gifts and pursue much prowess in their physiology, however, because of this their mastery of crafting magical artifacts and usage is far less than the descendants of the Bana-Mighdall as their power is too great to be controlled for a proper synthesis.
[ + Bracelets of Submission : Able to deflect gunfire, small missiles and other projectile weaponry not at the Omega level. Omega level attacks may break these bracelets.]
[ Only 1 Physiology trait can be Rank 3.]

Availability : Unlimited
Unlike Olympian, Bana-Mighdall Amazonians that have lost their immortality and capacity to unlock their blessings of the goddesses. Instead they have been passing down their genes and knowledge throughout time, however, they in returned have always had the affinity to use magical weaponry at a greater capacity. They are also able to craft such magical artifacts much like Hephaestus to rival the other Amazons by transferring a portion of their untapped physiology into weapons, armor, and tools as their blessed powers are in a state of being properly synthesize.
[ + Begins with 1 Magic Artifact of Divinity ]
[ Only 1 Artifact can be above Rank 1 while equipped.]
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The Amazons
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